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This service is perfect for the couple who do not want a full blown wedding planner but require a professional to assist and support them with the finer details of the wedding and the sourcing of reliable vendors. Also to add any last minute inspiration, reconfirm details with all vendors and to coordinate the entire day


This service is perfect for the couple who would love to plan their wedding but just dont have the time to do so due to work or family commitments, or a couple who desire a stress free experience and for someone else to do everything for them or even for the couple who just do not know where to start! so our role as your wedding planner is very SIMPLE. We source, contact, negotiate, draw up, confirm vendors, suppliers, staff and personel for your day and ensure that everyone is informed, updated and in the right place at the right time, leaving you feeling relaxed months before your wedding!!!

We have a range of premium and exceptional services for all couples; working within all budgets, sizes and destinations. There is never a wedding too small for us or a destination too far for us.  With over ten years of all round experience within the events industry, we not only have a wealth of experience to give to you, we also have amazing relationships with some of the top Wedding vendors in London who are keen to work with our clients. Working with SD Weddings MGT on your special day will ensure you get the very best!

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